Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I will be sharing facts about Colorado Springs on occasion.  This town is so diverse and has so many things to discover.  The white part of this picture is the Will Rogers Shrine perched on Cheyenne Mountain.  This precariously positioned building overlooks the city and was built by Spencer Penrose who was the philanthropist that wanted the world to visit Colorado Springs.  He contributed many unique sights including the Broadmoor Hotel (a 5 star/5 diamond resort), Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the Pike's Peak Highway.  His resting place is named after his best friend humorist, actor Will Rogers.  Who was the prominent influence in your town?

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  1. Abram Kaplan was the founder of our little town. He was a Polish Jew. With the establishment of the railroad Kaplan opened a rice mill that bruoght people to this area.