Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stacie and I were driving down the road just minding our own business when I saw, what I thought was, a strange looking deck attached to this house.  My double-take revealed a most unusual landscape feature.  It also sparked a series of questions.  How long did it take to merge the hedges together?  What are they hiding behind it?  When the weather is good do they use them as picnic tables?  Did they plan this from the beginning or did it just happen?  If this was a conscious effort there must have been a great deal of research in selecting the perfect plant.  They had to consider height, density, placement, maintenance and whether their choice of species would grow in Colorado Springs.  They probably use one of those cool electric trimmers to keep it in check.  People use hedges to define property boundaries, provide privacy, and to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor attraction.  Well, it certainly is an attraction.  What do you consider normal that other people find odd?

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