Thursday, February 4, 2010

I was talking to Stacie on the phone on the way home tonight (hands-free) and there was this implication in her voice that led me to believe that I may have distracted her and supper was in jeopardy.  We hung up as I made a pit stop at a store.  Later, as I pulled into the west entrance to our neighborhood, there was a fire truck, with strobe lights on, directly in front of me.  I said out loud "Don't Turn Left".  It turned left.  My heart sank as I could only imagine our kitchen on fire.  The giant vehicle stopped in front of a nearby home.  I had to back up and take the circle going the other way to get to our house.  It appears one of our elderly neighbors had some sort of medical emergency.  An ambulance soon arrived and we could see that Marv was able to stand and walk to the gurney.  As he was loaded in the ambulance Stacie and I ensured that Amy didn't need a ride to the hospital.  The people who live on our street take care of each other.  Whether it is a phone call to say that the garage door is open, picking up a delivered package on the porch or moving a refrigerator, everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.  In this day and age that is saying a lot.  Who will you help this week? 

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  1. i will help the people i work with. hopefully it catches on and we begin working as a team.