Monday, February 22, 2010

This reminds me of when my family lived in Alaska.  We lived on the corner of two streets where the snow plows blew the snow into our yard from both directions.  This just meant that my Dad had to shovel tons of snow!  After a few back breaking weeks, he wisely purchased a snow blower.  He cleared the sidewalk where there was snow 3-4 feet deep on either side of you.  One day two G I's (active duty military) were casually strolling down Dad's path and our dog (half Husky-half Timber Wolf, no really) was laying in the yard.  The dog (his name was Brute) took off running towards the two unsuspecting guys with his teeth glistening in the Alaskan twilight.  The snarls and growls from the swift predator gave his position away as he focused his sights on his prey.  The now alerted airmen fell over each other as the instinct for self preservation kicked in.  They both completely hurdled the snow bank created by Dad's snow blower and didn't look back as they had hopes of breaking Bob Hayes' world records (he is the only man to win a Gold Medal and a Super Bowl ring).  They were just hitting terminal velocity when Brute ran out of chain and was snapped back with a high-pitched, Chihuahua-like yelp.  The two military men never knew of their good fortune as they had no intention of stopping for an hour or two.  My mother, who witnessed the comedic event, said that the look on their faces was priceless.  Now when I am awakened at 5am with the sounds of our contractor's snow shovels clearing the neighborhood's driveways and sidewalks I am reminded of this story.  I snuggle next to Stacie and quickly fall back to sleep so thankful that I am not braving the cold and icy morning.  When your life flashes before you, how fast can you run?


  1. As I read your Blog I relived the memory of Brute scaring the you know what out of those poor guys. So So FUNNY

  2. Mark, I remember seeing pictures of Brute and what a beautiful dog he was. I can imagine how strong he was and how intimidating to say the least he was to those two guys.

    I remember running for my life one day. I remember that vividly to this day and the feeling of panic in my very being. I was in my early twenties. Christy was in the first grade. David was living with us at the time going to Louisiana College. We were all outside one afternoon - Christy playing with a little friend of her's named Christy also and also the same age. All of a sudden David approached me with something in his hand and out of the corner of my eye I saw it. He made like he was going to put it in my face and I took off running. He chased me for a full block with that lizard. I will NEVER forgive him for that.