Tuesday, May 18, 2010

People have their own worlds that they live in.  Sure we all exist on the same planet, but just as celestial bodies are tethered to the sun by gravity we are bound by the intellectual, cultural and social forces that we develop or choose to ignore.  Each person's "globe" spins on its own axis and their perceptions emanate from this center point.  The climate that you step into when you enter someone's personal space is an instant indication of their demeanor, tolerance, awareness, and character.  Some people are as bright as the sun and shed light on everyone they encounter.  They are positive, ambitious, and contribute to the general human experience.  Others are like black holes that suck the light and fun out of everything and you can't escape their negative aura.  Perhaps our civilization needs these contrary forces to interconnect our nature and balance our moral dimensions.  Where will your orbit take you?

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