Sunday, July 25, 2010

I guess that this weekend was a restore and refresh weekend for a lot of people since we didn't see anybody on the golf course for the past couple days.  Stacie and I walked to the end of one of the fairways to replace one of our Geocaches and I noticed that even though the weather was perfect (about 76 degrees) the greens were empty.  Were people just at home resting or is the economy worse than we think?  I hope that people were just doing what we did all weekend and took it easy.  I realize that golfing at a resort is not something that normal people spend their money on but there is usually a steady stream of golfers teeing off across the street.  I mean, there are more people hitting golf  balls with a foot of snow on the ground than there were today.  When was the last time you spent the day hunting for little white balls in the woods?

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