Monday, July 19, 2010

I think it is easy to reflect on the lives of The Pioneers and Native Americans (back in the day when our land was first being settled) as not difficult and laid back without the tempo and problems that make up our contemporary lifestyle.  But, we would be wrong in that assumption.  Their focus was on day-to-day survival and long term supply storage.  We don't have those worries since we can walk down to the local corner grocery store and stock our freezer until it's full.  Just having a fresh water supply was a huge deal to them and we just walk to a room in our house and turn a valve.  They spent hours making tools and clothing where as now we just hop in a motor vehicle and complain when we can't find things in the right color.  They were ingenious in their adaptation to weather conditions and resource availability.  They also had to be forward thinkers and could rarely be spontaneous since not having the logistics in place could be deadly.  For us it just means a quick stop at Wally World along the way.  We have over-complicated life with extraneous diversions and our instincts to survive have been watered down by luxuries.  I was telling Becky and Gary today that "camping" for me involves hotel accomodations and room service.  When was the last time you had to rely on your survival skills to make it through the day?


  1. Life is luxurious compared to those days. Imagine living back then. We have grown accustomed to our devices and hassles that we start to forget what is really important in life.


  2. We really do take our modern conveniences for granted. We think roughing it is not having cable tv. This makes me think of all the people that are left without electricity and with destruction after the hurricanes.