Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I tip toed to the edge of the deck to take this picture.  I had to back up a bit since I had a 55-200mm zoom lens on the body of the camera.  I could hear the sound as he tasted the air with his nostrils trying to sense any sign of danger.  There was only this lunatic with a Nikon hanging around.  His buddies were not far away and one of them was really nervous as I eased back up the stairs to focus.  He stood up and stared at me and I stare back, through the lens.  I fired off a few digital frames and left them to their tranquil retreat in our backyard.  After dinner Stacie and I took a little over two mile walk to get rid of the cabin fever.  We had great conversation with each other then, as we returned to our circle of houses, with some of the friends that share the same street name with us.  Our discussions revealed what they have been doing with their summer, one was recuperating from shoulder surgery, some gave us the history of how they came to be residing on the side of the mountain, and some retold the story of the night Clair's car window was broken.  We realized that everyone was out enjoying the solitude of their back decks except us.  So that's where we are now.  Stacie is diving back into a book she started on the cruise and I am tickling the keyboard of the Inspiron.  Where do you go to relax in the warm summer evenings?

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