Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As I walked along the fairway today I noticed the limo golf cart that drives around all day and brings refreshments to the golfers.  I guess that people who frequent resorts like this get used to this type of treatment or it could just be that I haven't been golfing in about 10 years.  It must be great to hear the words "your job entails riding around in this really cool golf cart all day."  This is just another instance where you make some one's day just by driving up.  You provide beverages, snacks, and shade all at the same time.  About the only anxiety  I can imagine is freaking out if you were going to run out of something but then it would be just a short drive to tank up again.  I think the only better job at a golf course is the golf pro.  You get paid for playing golf without the stress of having to win.  Even if the pro's instruction falls on deaf ears he gets paid the same.  What is your dream job?

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