Monday, September 13, 2010

There are around 2400 parking meters in the city of Colorado Springs.  Not too bad considering there are over 300,000 people who live here.  It's universal to see a "meter maid" and cringe since you know that their primary purpose is to police the red violation signs and issue tickets (the fine is $20 in Colorado Springs).  Once, I circled a few blocks downtown to find that the only parking spot had a meter.  I didn't have any change and had to rush into a nearby convenience store and quickly buy a bottle of water so that I would have something that the meter would accept.  Now I carry change in my car just in case the only available parking has a price tag.  These real estate rental vending machines haven't changed a whole lot since they were invented in 1935, but today's parking meters will take coins and smart cards.  You can purchase the plastic "currency" in vending machines street-side.  Starting the first week in September of this year the city re-programmed the meters to give a grace period.  After your time runs out, you still have 5 minutes to move your car or put more money in the city's pockets.  Customers and businesses alike will benefit from the generosity.  Have you ever put money in stranger's expired meter so they wouldn't get a ticket?

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  1. remember the clown that walked around doing that? they made him stop for some reason. i dont see why they cared where the money came from.