Sunday, September 26, 2010

When I saw this fence I was instantly transported back to my teenage years.  We lived in an 100 year old house out in the country located between a rice field and a soy bean field.  I had two horses and one of them was named Silver.  I should have renamed him Houdini.  If I would leave him tied up somewhere he would escape.  When he was running loose in the fenced pasture, he would escape.  He would often untie the rope that secured the gate to the fence post and I would receive a call at 4am from a local farmer that Silver was in his rice field again. This happened many times and I eventually replaced the rope with a chain and padlock.  He got out anyway.  Determination is often an attribute that we overlook.  Sometimes solutions to problems are discovered only by perseverance and an open mind.  Where is your favorite weekend escape?

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