Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For some reason, people come up to me and say "You look like one of those half-full types of people".  They are referring to the analogy that rhetorically describes a person's outlook on things.  This philosophical discussion is used to demonstrate how perspective can affect a situation, our way of regarding facts, and how we judge their related importance.  My response to the statement is usually, "Being a field engineer for many years, I see the glass as being twice as big that it needs to be".  So all these years people have been limiting our options.  From their perspective, there were only two ways of looking at things and they are probably the same people who say "Now you're thinking outside the box".  I wonder who started thinking that we must draw boundaries when we employ our minds to rationally determine the optimum solution for problems.  Magicians rely on the fact that most people seldom flex their mental muscles and restrict themselves when laws of physics are challenged.  Most are amazed when they witness an illusion but they've really been fooled by their own imagination.  So I'm sure you've guessed what question I ask today... Why don't bald eagles where toupées?

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