Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's alot to say for order.  Whether we are talking about science, philosophy, ordinality, electronics, mathematics or architecture, order is what provides a basis for organized or strength related success.  By defining processes and identifying things that don't work we take advantage of the human brain power that has preceded us.  Re-inventing the wheel is counterproductive to progress.  Henry Martyn Robert wrote a book about the rules of order back in 1876 because he was asked to preside over a church meeting and didn't have a clue as to the correct procedures.  These rules are followed (for the most part) to date and more productive business assemblies are the result.  Order provides strength and support when used in construction of homes, aircraft, and baskets.  Honey bees use order to build their honeycombs to store honey and house their young.  Spiders spin webs to provide hunting grounds and bring into play the concept of order to achieve their goal.  What is the basis of order in your life?

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