Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! The morning brought us a bright, clear sky and the promise of hope. Many years ago a traveling couple found themselves with unacceptable accommodations. A few times Stacie and I have arrived in a town to discover no vacancies at all the hotels. We had the benefit of a modern day reservation system and were handed the key to our prearranged space. People find themselves on this nomadic journey called life and they reach a point where they need shelter and the resources of others. Visitors to new or unfamiliar cities have challenges finding their way to their destinations because of the many complex pathways that create obstacles. Citizens of local areas provide essential guidance to guests seeking provisional supplies and protection from the elements. All voyagers rely on established municipalities to sustain their ability to continue their expedition. Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus who was born in a stable. Do you have room in your inn?

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