Friday, January 15, 2010

Avatar.  The most visually stunning movie I have ever seen.  237 million dollars well spent.  I won't disclose the story line by doing a review (I dislike spoilers) but I will say that the cinematography and screen-play was amazing.  The imagination needed to make this movie had to be inspired by going to bed on a full stomach of pizza.  It even passed the Stacie test which means that it had a balance of drama, romance, and it wasn't overwhelming with non-stop action that makes you dizzy.  She even stayed awake through the whole show.   Although the 3D presentation was impressive it wasn't needed to make this motion picture epic.  It is the second highest grossing movie of all time (second only to Titanic, same director - James Cameron).  This movie may not be appropriate for everyone and is just under 3 hours long.  What is your favorite movie?

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  1. step brothers, the hangover, anchorman, wedding crashers