Saturday, January 16, 2010

We took our first hike of the year today.  We started at the Waldo Canyon Trailhead parking area which is right off of Hwy 24 (center of picture) and completed the loop, a total of 7.55 miles.  The starting elevation was 6,050 feet above sea level and we climbed up to 8,105.  Many people took advantage of the perfect weather.  As we passed them on the trail they all looked as eager as we were to get out in the great outdoors.  We packed a picnic lunch, dangled our feet off a rock and almost had to share our food with a couple of passing dogs.  On one part of the trek we came across a completely frozen over creek that we literally ice skated across.  We talked as we made our ascent and marvelled on how much easier it was going downhill.  I only had to ask Stacie once to take a breather.  We are going to hike Pike's Peak this year (13 miles straight up and an elevation of 14,110!)  and today was just one of our many training hikes that we'll use to build our stamina. What do you like to do for exercise?

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  1. Dad and I read your Blog together every day and we are enjoying it so much and get a glimpse of you and Stacie's activities. You guys are having a great time.
    Dad said to tell you he is so proud of you and how he thinks you write so well.keep up the good work