Monday, January 25, 2010

This old spinning wheel is located in what my dad calls the "Longevity House".  He calls it that because 2 people who have lived in the house have made it to 99 plus years (and going) and 102 years.  When I was 3 years old I use to sit on the arm of the couch in this house and feed my 102 year old great grandfather Fritos corn chips.  He didn't have any teeth and he would lick the salt off his lips and, in french, say "Wow, that's good stuff"!  This old antique of a family heirloom (the spinning wheel) belonged to my great great grandmother.  Many children who have visited the "Longevity House" have spent hours making the wheel go around and around, including our granddaughter Rozzlyn and grandson Elijah.  When I think about my ancestors who have walked before me I am reminded that they had to work really hard for day-to-day survival.  They had to make even the simplest of household goods from hand (thread for instance).  In present time we are roughing it when we don't have cell phone coverage.  When you start thinking about your legacy what will you pass along to your descendants? 


  1. Wish I was there to hug you all!

  2. i remember going to that house when i was really young. all us grandchildren (actually great) would compare heights with Momsy. wed all give her hugs and take pictures. and she was always giving us money! lucky us. then wed all fight over the rocking chairs. we had to go see Uncle Bob too. love that place!