Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So this is what a Blue Moon looks like.  I figured with the Saints winning a spot in the Super Bowl I would start seeing pigs fly and something freeze over.  Saints fans have waited over 40 years for this moment.  Lisa and Barry had a house full the other night watching the game and it was a nail biter to the exteneded conclusion.  The ironic part of it was that we were less than an hour away from Brett Favre's house in Mississippi.  Stacie and I tried, in vain, to get Saints decorations in Kaplan.  We figured that we would try since Colorado Springs is a lot less likely to have anything related to the New Orleans sports team.  The souvenir shop at the airport in Baton Rouge had hats and tee shirts, but nothing for party supplies.  I wonder if the Saints' #5 (Garrett Hartely) realized that he had the hopes and dreams of every Cajun in the world riding on his 40 yard effort.  Thanks, (from all of us) for putting the laces of the football on the fleur-de-lis on the second deck of the Super Dome (for you non-football fans: kicking the game winning field goal).  Who do you have depending on you?

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