Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After work we had a meeting so we decided to eat out.  No, we didn't have moose.  This is Colorado but we ate at at restaurant named after the Lone Star state.  Good food, great company (Stacie) and many laughs.  Speaking of which, I have to tell you about what happened last night because it resulted in a really funny moment.  We arrived at the Denver airport to a dead battery.  Some Good Samaritans were parked nearby and had jumper cables.  Their car, however, couldn't supply enough power to start our car.  While we were waiting for the battery to charge a little bit, the passenger got out of their car and said "Maybe if you pump the brake it will send gas to the engine and it will start".  I guess she thought I didn't hear her because she repeated it.  I could hardly contain myself.  I politely explained that we just needed the battery to charge a while and fought back the urge to laugh as hard as I could (after all they were doing us a favor).  The airport courtesy van showed up and had a stronger battery and we were soon on our way.  That gave me a chuckle and reminded me of what our nephew Avery said a couple days ago.  When asked how old he was, he said "I'm 6.  I couldn't be 5 all year long!" Life is full of comedy.  It comes to you at strange moments sometimes. It is sometimes delivered to you by a child.  What will make you smile today?


  1. Elijah and I where driving back home the other day and he saw a car behind us. He said "Wow Mom! That's a cool car!" I said "It's a Mustang." He then asked "Can our car beat it?" I said I "I'm not sure. We will have to ask Papa when we get home." He said "Or we could just race it!"

    That had me laughing! Kids do say the darndest things!

  2. i dont want to encourage him, but good one Elijah!