Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dawn provided a dramatic backdrop to this morning's events.  Trips to airports in Colorado Springs and Denver were in store to get our loved ones back to their respective cities (Woodbridge, 29 Palms, and San Antonio).  Funny how a grandson's energy and perspective will cause you to realize how old you feel and how structured our ideals have become. According to Elijah's thinking, the wheel was invented to buy some time while video game technology was developed.  I hadn't functioned on 2.5 hours sleep in a very long time (I only snored twice while watching "Troy").  It is hard to beat the feeling you get when your children call to tell you that they made it home safely.  It's scary when they call to say that they have only gone 30 miles in the past few hours due to traffic.  Of course the advice I gave was to ensure they had plenty of gas before crossing the Mojave Desert.  Which reminds me, I have not run out of gas in my Dodge Caliber yet.  I wonder how far I can go on "E"?

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