Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I really like this bridge on the sidewalk to a neighbor's house.  It is simple in construction.  I once built a skateboard box with my son Tim.  I over-engineered it so much that it almost took 3 people to move it.  The basic idea was to build something that was very portable and would withstand the beating of steel and wood pounding on it.  I didn't want it falling apart and hurting someone.  You could have dropped it from a 10 story building and it would have survived, but it weighed a ton!  If you ask Stacie she will tell you that I over-complicate everything.  If she wants me to hang a picture, I get the picture, then a hammer, then a nail.  I figure it should be centered so I go look for a tape measure.  It should be completely horizontal so I go dig out a level.  I should mark the wall to know where to place the nail so I go get a pencil.  I come back to the picture hanging location to find that Stacie has put it up already.  I'm trying to get better but I have the overwhelming urge for things to be perfect.  It can't be almost centered or level.  It has to be exactly centered or level.  I am the kind of person that will walk behind the counter at a business and straighten things on the shelf.  I will make the stack of magazines fan evenly.  I tell Stacie that I'm not OCD.  I'm CDO (I put the letters in the right order!).  I also can't stand my hands to feel dirty.  I don't have to wash them a hundred times a day, but if I touch something that doesn't feel right, I have to immediately wash them.  My daughter Clair gave me some hand sanitizer and told me that she knew that I was going to wash after using it because I had hand sanitizer on my hands!  So this bridge represents where I want to be.  Simple and functional.  I'm working on it Stacie !!!   What symbolizes where you want to be? 

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  1. that box was fun, and STURDY. that culdesac was just too rocky. lots of good times with that one. what symbolizes where i want to be? Pappy and Gramps. and a yacht!