Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's take a trip back in time.  A time where your summer recreation was interrupted by your dad calling you over to sit on the wooden bucket full of ice.  There was only a thin towel between your bare thighs and freezing cubes.   It was highly uncomfortable since the metal bar that held the turning mechanism in place was specifically designed to be the most anti-ergonomic device ever manufactured.  Was this a fond memory?  You betcha!!  It was one of the best things that could have happened to a very active, over-heated vacationing 8 year old.  The time taken to anchor the ice cream maker to the ground was the perfect opportunity to bring one's heart rate down, to lower that body heat, and to sneak little bits of the rock salt.  After the dues were paid, the first round of that creamy goodness was yours!  As you walked back to where the playing was going on, one by one your cousins noticed what you had in your hand and it was an all out free for all to get to the cold goods.  By the time the line was organized to get ice cream you had hoisted yourself up into a big shady tree and had sticky stuff from ear to ear.  What are your best summer vacation memories?

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  1. Ooooh, Mark, I remember sitting on the ice cream freezer too. So much fun. Those were the good old days. Last time I made ice cream it was for an ice cream social at my house. Thought I would be real creative and try orange sherbet. Got the recipe, all the ingredients, stirred them together, and then cranked and cranked and cranked. Now you know it is done when it gets hard to turn, but after cranking and cranking for over an hour, still no resistance.
    Decided to open it up, and to my amazement, had forgotten to put the paddles was a frozen mess all at the bottom.