Saturday, February 13, 2010

The U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the headquarters for the U.S. Olympic Committee administration and the Olympic Training Center programs.  I took this picture standing on the roof of the building with the torch on it. I was able to walk right up to the torch, feel the heat from the flames, and take some up close and personal shots.  It is fueled by natural gas with those little charcoal-like briquettes forming the floor.  The wind started whipping around while I was up there and at times part of the flame would peek out from underneath.  I took a hundred pictures or so waiting for the wind to cooperate.  The only athletes here today were from the U.S. Olympic Judo team.  You would have thought that the Judo team could have chopped enough wood to use to feed the torch.  As you might guess, the training facilities here are second to none and the high altitude makes for even better physical conditioning for these world class competitors.  This torch is lit for the duration of the Winter Games.  There are two countdown clocks out front of the complex.  The top clock is counting down the days (895) to the London Summer Games.  The bottom clock is for the Vancouver Winter Games and displays zero.  Who is your favorite Olympian?

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  1. Mark: I think this is amazing. I wish I could go there and see this. I love the Olympics and Mom and I have been glued to the TV since they started. I am inspired to get in better shape. Your picture is amazing.