Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I took advantage of the 2 hour delay this morning.  I was in recovery due to the late hour I got to bed last night.  No, not the wild party you were expecting.  Stacie and I were watching "Idol" and all of a sudden my email showed me that there was a brand spanking new Geocache published just a mile from the house.  I had to give the puppy dog eyes (and I played the "birthday" card) but Stacie let me go look for it.  Now let me tell you it was snowing so hard.  We had only been in the house about 45-50 minutes and by the time I went outside (my car was not parked in the garage because we had remodeling supplies laid out there) the car had a foot of snow on it.  I hopped in and took off.  The streets were pretty bad but I was careful.  I arrived at the cache location, zipped up my coat, and entered into the storm.  The wind had so much cold power I kept my back to the North.  I didn't take the time to grab my primary GPS unit since every second counts around here when trying to be the first person to find a new cache.  I had my phone GPS dialed in and went to ground zero (the phone died 5 minutes into the search).  It was a cell phone tower that was disguised as a flag pole.  I searched all over it then I turned to the equipment building next to it.  Then the boulders surrounding the pole.  Then the tree near the fence.  Then the fence.  Did I mention that snow covered everything?  I was prepared though.  I had gloves, ear muffs, a hood, a flashlight and I had pulled my jeans over my pajamas.  OK, have you stopped laughing yet?  I looked for about an hour and I realized that I couldn't feel my toes, fingers and ears so I left the search for another day.  On the way down the hill I could barely make out some activity in front of me.  It was a car (taxi or pizza delivery) that had slid off the road.  There were three off-road vehicles posturing nearby and I asked if everyone was alright.  There were no injuries and they didn't need my help so I continued slowly back to the house.  It took me a half an hour to thaw out. Stacie could have laughed at me when she saw the soaked jeans and the red skin.  Of course she did laugh when she saw the pjs under the jeans.  She just warmed me up and listened to my harrowing story.  I didn't get the honor of finding the cache first since someone found it this morning (in the daylight) but there will be other treasures to discover.  How far are you willing to go for your hobby?

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