Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is always a present when you can buy something that you need and get it for cheaper than the lower quality product.  We also bought a light switch and some paint.  We took part of our molding to the paint counter in order to get matching paint, but before we could say anything the paint clerk took a razor blade and cut off part of the molding so that it would make it easier for him to scan the color.  Now we will have to do some repair to the molding to make it look right. I guess the paint clerk didn't read my blog about customer service.  We continued our evening to a local restaurant where we received great customer service and great food.  As we left the restaurant there was a rainstorm going on.  It turned into snow in minutes.  Luckily, I had the plastic cowboy hat from the restaurant on my head (I couldn't post the picture here since I didn't take it, darn the bad luck).  This is the last year that starts with a 4 for me.  How will you celebrate another year of wonderful life?

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  1. thats right Pappy, 50 next year. wow, dont buy a corvette. :)