Thursday, March 4, 2010

I was stopped at a traffic light on the way home today and I saw this truck full of chain link fences.  Some of the rolls look like candles with wicks on the end.  I was more aware of trucks around me as I continued to drive home.  There were trucks hauling hay, milk, plumbing parts, household goods, gasoline, and prepared foods.  The next time you take a trip notice how much stuff is being moved from place to place.  My favorite comedian (Brian Regan) wonders why he sees log trucks crossing paths.  He says "If you needed logs over there and we needed logs over here..."  I still think that the most efficient way of companies to transport product is by railroad. You can have up to 200 cars (if you use coal tippers or mini-tankers) in 1 mile of track.  Each car can hold tons.  Truck drivers are a special breed.  They spend hours driving, and driving, and driving.  On a long trip I have to do all kinds of things to prevent boredom.  I guess I have what you call ADLSS (Attention Deficit... Look Something Shiny).  We are all on this Earth with a unique set of skills and talents.  What is your purpose?

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