Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stacie and I took a nice walk after work today just to get out in the beautiful weather.  It was only a couple miles but it was great to get out in the fresh air.  When I first viewed this street through the lens it reminded me of a roll of film with the sprockets on the sides.  It also looks like a roller coaster track bounding down the middle of the neighborhood.  This street's name is "Concerto".  It is located in a residential area where all of the street names are musical in nature.  You can drive on "Overture", "Aria", and "Orchestra".   We continued our walk and exchanged some movies at our local video store.  We rented "Where The Wild Things Are".  The book was published in 1963 is all about imagination.  I remember my Mom reading it to me many times.  I would look at the pictures from one page to another and listen to the narration intently.  My imagination would extrapolate images to fill in the missing illustrations.  It should be intriguing to see how the director envisioned it.  After leaving the video store Stacie and I made the return trip home and we picked up where we left off in telling each other about our day.   It just started to get dark when our walk was finished.  Stacie had supper ready already and we settled in to watch "American Idol".  How do you decompress after a stressful day?

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