Monday, March 1, 2010

In the evenings I take a walk around the neighborhood and take anywhere between 30 and 70 pictures.  I walk past Mr. Griswold's memorial every night.  He was driving his concrete truck down Star Ranch Rd. and his brakes went out. Instead of plowing his 33 ton vehicle into the houses at the bottom of the hill, he laid the truck over on its side at the memorial location. His heroic actions saved the lives of a woman and her granddaughter while they played in the backyard directly in the truck's path.  If you stand here and look down the road, you can see a playhouse in the back yard where the truck would have come to rest.  From time to time there is a laughing and smiling little girl enjoying herself while she plays in this back yard.  All made possible by a noble, selfless man who sacrificed his life so that other's might have theirs.  I know of another man who gave His life for others.  He walked this Earth years ago and made His living as a simple carpenter, but there was nothing simple about Him.  His love for you and me is beyond belief, but belief is all you need.  Do you know Him?


  1. Thank you my son for such a beautiful message.

  2. This is beautiful! Well done!