Sunday, February 28, 2010

I walked around the neighborhood and took some pictures today, but it was my second time to this location that I thought I might have a chance at getting some good shots.  The geese from one of my previous pictures had settled in.  The last time they did this was before the last snow storm.  We are expecting another one tonight. Hmm... So as I approached the geese on the fairway to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort I noticed that there were about 50 large geese, but there were about a hundred goslings that were being closely herded by "the elders".  I settled in a spot about a hundred yards away and I sat there taking shot after shot.  I was there for about 7 or 8 minutes then something spooked the youngin's.  They took off and it sounded like an aircraft bringing its engines up to take-off power.  I took a few pictures then I noticed that only the young geese had departed.  The "elders" were right where they were before.  About 2 or 3 minutes later the two largest geese started honking and making all kinds of noise.  Then they took off and headed in the same direction as the goslings.  The other geese were content to stay on the fairway. I waited at my vantage point fighting the urge to get closer and possibly disturb the birds.  Finally, the cold won and I had to head back to the house.  I was just certain that the two big guys on campus would have rounded up the children and brought them back to the rest of the village, and maybe they did...eventually.  I just couldn't stand the elements any longer.  Next time I will be prepared to camp out if needed.  How many children are you responsible for?

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