Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our second project of my 3 day weekend was completed  in about 4 hours.  We demolished half of the master bathroom.  Now in a couple days a contractor will swoop in and pour a concrete shower pan, re-tile with Travertine, install a jetted, full body shower, heat the floors, install a recessed soap holder and accent with a decorative tile feature.  The shower pan will also have creek bed stones to sooth the sore feet.  I under-estimated how tired I would be by swinging a heavy ball peen hammer over my head for those 4 hours. My motivation was that we didn't have to pay the contractor to tear out and that saved us some money.    I did learn something very important.  If you are removing the screws from the shower fixture and you see 3 little screws surrounding the knob, those are for the water valve.  If you loosen them water will start pouring out of the now leaking valve.  This is especially important if the tile is still on the wall and you can hear water spraying within.  After a 30 minute delay, all was back to normal.  Whew!! After every tool was put back in place and all sheet rock dust vacuum up we headed to the back deck for a mini-vacation.  Ahhh.  What important lessons will you learn today?

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  1. You learned a lesson you will probably won't forget. Dad and I learned many lessons when we worked on our house in Abbeville and on this house also.
    One big lesson we learned is seal off the room when you are removing sheetrock. Oh, what a mess.