Saturday, March 20, 2010

We had the most relaxing time the last two nights.  As we sat in the swirling, bubbling, thermally enhanced water we looked out over the snow covered trees and ground that were draped in moonlight.  The blue LED illumination not only filled the water but colored the steam as it danced wildly in the calm night air.  The occasional dusting of snow blown off the roof was very refreshing and we thoroughly enjoyed our mini vacation. Something happened that I thought was just a salesperson's  banter.  We talked.  We talked for two hours.  The more we talked the more I realized how really smart my wife is.  She is embracing a new career and doing very well.  She will be extremely successful because she is passionate about what she does and she really wants to help her clients.  Our little oasis just a few steps out our back door was a great investment.  What will you learn about your spouse today?

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  1. I learned that my hubby can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to. We decided that since we know we're moving back to TX, we would like to extend our fence out a little on the side of our yard. Dan said he could do it and although I had some doubts, he and a friend worked all day yesterday and and did a great job! They'll finish it up today and hopefully post pictures on FB!