Monday, March 8, 2010

This isn't the same little fellow that I took a picture of back on January 3rd.  He was so worried that I would take his dinner from him.  (Note: In case you want to see a little bit larger version of these pictures just click on them)  Squirrels are amazing animals.  They are born toothless, naked, and blind.  Ground squirrels are very social by nature but the tree dwelling species are loners.  Their existence depends completely on their ability to gather food months ahead of time.  This is very important for those that reside where the winters are extreme.  It is important for animals and humans alike to plan ahead for their survival.  It has been that way for thousands of years, for example, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark (How does that tie in with the squirrel you might ask.  The ark was made of gopher wood!).  I'm not a great planner.  I can only see the next step and I don't see how events at the end of the day can be enhanced by actions I take in the morning.  Stacie is an amazing planner.  She carefully develops goals, schedules, support plans and can articulate the grand scheme of things to me at a level where I can understand.  She is very forgiving when she has to constantly remind me of the plan and when I forget a step in the big picture.  I have come to realize that the plan flows much smoother if I don't rock the boat (another ark reference).  She truly is a professional where I am the novice who is giddy when something I plan actually has results.  I wish we all planned the way Stacie does.  That would mean that people wouldn't run late for work and run that red light.  That would mean that there would be money in the budget to pay for the police, fire and medical response teams that are vital to an expanding town.  That would mean that all building supplies for construction projects would be in place on time (Noah could have used an ark welder!).  Do you plan things well?

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