Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today's hike took us to a wooded area where a creek carved its way down the mountain.  Although you can't tell from this picture, there was still about 6 inches of snow on the trail.  We came upon an area where trees had been cleared out and as we discussed the reason some old friends suddenly appeared.  Deer.  There were 4 of them and they posed while I took over a hundred pictures.  They were very patient while I experimented with framing and made subtle changes in exposure.  The next time you visit our dining room you will see one of the photographs of these ruminant mammal models hanging on the wall.  We continued our hike down the mountain back to the car after we found a couple Geocaches.  At one clearing we saw this house standing out from the others in the community.  The first thing out of our mouths was "What do THEY do for a living?"  No, really.  We want to know.  Are they neural surgeons?  Are they investment magnates?  Are they those toddlers on TV who buy and sell stocks online?  Don't let this picture fool you when scale is concerned.  I was standing nearly a mile away using a very long focal length lens when I snapped this shot.  We have visited homes further up the mountain that have over 7,000 square feet of living area.  This house eclipses them all!  I am sure they have staff positions as well as maintenance and housekeeping departments.  I wonder if they need a Director of Information Technologies.  How long does it take you to clean your house?

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  1. That would imply that I actually clean my house. I think the better question would be, "How often do you clean your house?" The answer to that would be only when it's absolutely necessary! Mostly when we're expecting company:) Eh, we're not all cut out to be clean freaks. I will tell you that the first thing I would do if I ever became super rich would be to hire a maid to come in once a week and do a major cleaning! lol