Sunday, March 28, 2010

The trip back to our home was very interesting.  It all started with our first flight that came up from Florida.  It was delayed due to weather and took off right into a hail storm.  So when it landed in Houston, TX it was checked for hail and it was decided that maintenance would take the aircraft back into the hangar to give it a thorough inspection.  They dragged their feet and customer service told us they would get us another aircraft.
During this time Stacie and I did the math and we would miss our connecting flight in New Mexico.  SouthWest handed us vouchers for a hotel.  On the flight to Albuquerque they anounched that they were holding our connecting flight to Denver.  We wouldn't have to spend the night in a hotel but in our own bed.  Stacie and I had to split up on the flight into Denver. We found happy, friendly people to talk to during the flight.  During the safety briefing the attendant said "Although we never anticipate a change in cabin pressure but in the event of one please put on the mask provided".  If they never anticipate it, then why do they have an automated system especially designed for it?  The ticket counter normally ask me if someone has put anything in my baggage without my knowledge?  How would I know?  What mass transit procedure make you laugh?

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  1. It was wonderful having both of you here this weekend.What a great surprise!!!!
    Stacie, thanks for helping with Momsy's party and the flowers were so pretty and made the table looks beautiful.
    I am going to the doctor this morning. I am still coughing and my ear drained all night.
    Thanks for calling to let us know you all were home.Sure do love you guys!!!