Monday, March 29, 2010

This is a sign in our neighborhood.  Our home owner's association prohibits people from parking their pickup truck anywhere in the neighborhood.  It is no surprise that lots of people here have trucks.  They are only allowed to park them in their garage.  One of our residents has two vehicles and they have to park one on the street out of the area.  Stacie and I have attended the HOA's annual meetings and the process to amend the policies is completely ridiculous.  It appears that years ago someone in the association thought that pickups were unsightly.  They put safeguards in place so that it is almost impossible for our charter to keep up with the times.  Although we had more than enough residents in attendance to vote on the parking issue, we didn't have a tenth of the quorum needed to amend the charter.  People are so afraid of change that they shut themselves off to forward open thinking.  Organizations must structure themselves to be flexible yet consistent in order to maintain their ideals and goals but also ensure that they are current with society.  What "rules" do you question?

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