Saturday, March 6, 2010

We woke up this morning and had a quick breakfast and some coffee.  We then headed out to the garage to drive to our hike for the day.  Stacie was calling out to me but I couldn't understand what she was saying.  It turns out, there was a deer standing in our driveway.  By the time I grabbed the camera it had walked across the street to the back of our neighbor's house.  I took a few pictures of the 2 does and a buck.  Stacie called me to the front of the house again and there were more.  I followed them to the back of another neighbor's house and Stacie told me to look up on the hill.  More deer.  As I stood there taking quite a few more pictures, the deer on the hill got up and started walking towards Stacie and I.  I figured they were just taking a stroll in our general direction.  No.  They came right up to us as if they were looking for us to feed them like at a petting zoo.  One young doe (no she wasn't Chinese) stood 4 feet from me.  She was so close my lens couldn't focus on her.  I wanted so much to have something to feed them, but we had nothing.  Slowly the large male seen here walked up to me and then around me to head towards another resting ground.  We were so excited as this was the start of our day!  We continued our fun with a hike accompanied with some Geocaching.  Another thing we were excited about was that the temperature was 36 degrees.  WooHoo.  We only needed long sleeve shirts and we left our jackets in the car.  The hike was beautiful.  I could bore you to tears with the number of great shots of the mountains I took. After 2.5 hours of hiking we got some lunch, went home, and washed up.  Stacie needed to be at the office for a couple hours so I tagged along and used the building's WiFi to log our cache finds.  We are now back home sitting on the deck with the outdoor heater on and just relaxing.  I will get up in a minute or two to grill some chicken.  We get our fair share of snow here, but when the weather is good it is really good!  What is the weather like in your backyard?

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  1. Mark, what a way to start the morning. I just know you and Stacie were so excited. If I were there, I could just hear myself saying over and over "unbelievable, unbelievable." I am so jealous of the place you live in. The weather in our backyard has been in the 60's. It was the perfect temperature today. I am thinking though that it won't be long until we are in the 90's. BAD HOT WEATHER, BAD!