Thursday, March 11, 2010

You can learn a lot about people by watching them.  You can learn a lot about people by watching TV too.  The owners of restaurants that are featured on "Kitchen Nightmares" all share a common bond.  They all think they have things under control.  None of them take responsibility for the problems that are running their businesses in the ground.  I wish there was a Gordon Ramsey for every industry.  We need experts in customer service and efficiency to go into local businesses of all types and set them straight.  How many times have we been disapointed in the service received at a department store, restaurant, or bank?  Too many times.  Every time we have a less than desirable experience at an establishment and don't say anything, we are fueling the fire that will eventually burn down the fabric of our free enterprise foundations.  We must also let business owners know when we experience excellent service.  Take time to fill out those comment cards or leave a generous tip in order to express your approval.  Where do you find the best customer service?


  1. If you like a place and want it to stay open, give them feedback! I agree. They need to hear the good and the bad. I find the best customer service at Chili's on Gideon Rd. in Woodbridge near Potomac Mills mall!!!

  2. today i heard from a guest at work about a show called Undercover Boss (not sure if thats the correct name). one of the big wigs comes to work as a regular employee and noone knows who they really are until they reveal themselves at the end. i need to look it up, this weeks supposed to be seven eleven.