Friday, March 12, 2010

Now that's what I like to see.  A young man and a flashlight.  He was so excited.  He must have shown that light on every moving thing in the neighborhood.  It's great to see kids who love the outdoors.  Most of the people at work who have small kids say that they can't bribe their children to go outside.  That is so sad since we live in a place ideal for outdoor recreation.  I'll admit it has been a little cold recently but you can always put on a warm coat.  I will say that in a couple months kids will be out in force.  Playgrounds in all areas will be teaming with children getting out all that built up energy from the long winter.  There just comes a time when even the hardcore video junkie kids have had enough.  I just love to see people enjoying the sun and their family on a bright and cheery day.  How will you challenge your kids to get outdoors often?


  1. get them a swimming pool, skateboard w a box, tetherball pole, basketball goal, bike, soccer ball, BASEBALL STUFF, swing set, pogo stick, kite, frisbee, boomerang, wow looks like i had no business inside!

  2. Pappy, This just reminded me of when I used to climb trees with Tim. No matter how high up I got stuck, you where alway there to help me down. We never had to call the fire department. Thanks for always being there for me! I love you!