Monday, April 12, 2010

Funny how a 3-5 day job turned out to be 3.5 weeks.  He got the numbers right, just not the word after.  I won't go into the details of our contractors short comings; I'll just say that we should have just done it ourselves.  The tile work came out alright, but we can't say much about everything else.  Here's a short summary of the remodel: The shower fixture was replaced with a body jet model, travertine tile on all the shower walls, the acrylic floor pan was replaced with a poured concrete pan with river bed stones, the soap dish was replaced with an tile lined inset, and the size was slightly increased.  The old flooring was replaced with the same travertine tile and a heating system (with programmable thermostat) installed (ahh, a nice and toasty 80 degrees or whatever we want).  After the grout dries completely we will seal the tile and install a new toilet (two-button flush, I'll let you figure that out).  We learned a whole lot and we will take this experience and apply it to future projects.  I guess the biggest lesson learned: If you are capable of doing it, just do it.  What are some of your mad skills?


  1. I really like your new shower.Looks great.
    I'm sure youall are happy that project is finished.