Monday, April 26, 2010

What a series of strange weather events.  I was sent home early from work because it was snowing really hard. Saturday brought severely strong winds that kept people inside most of the day.  I wore a short sleeve shirt on Sunday and the wind was non-existent.  Today was a mixture of the past 3 days.  It was cold and sunny with a threat of snow but the white stuff didn't show up.  Stacie and I took our evening walk and these tulips were begging for spring to really be here.  The rule in Colorado Springs is to not plant before June 1st.  So it appears that bulbs are hearty and can thrive in this wishy-washy environment.  I might have to get up early and see if I can catch the morning dew nourishing these beautiful blossoms.   The evening news reported that the bad weather spread across the nation and some people lost their homes and a few lost their lives.  Living on the surface of the Earth has its inherent risks.  We must never underestimate the power of nature.  What is the most violent storm you have ever witnessed?

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  1. The storm that passed through my bedroom after returning from a trip on a Sunday evening and having to be at work on Monday morning with me not having the energy to unload my suitcases for several days and having to dig in them for stuff I need until then.......