Friday, May 14, 2010

The day started with Stacie heading off to her conference, MeeMaw and PawPaw Snorris went out to do some power shopping while Elijah and I took in some quality Xbox time.  Later we went to a local park where Elijah climbed on the monkey bars, spun on the spinning things, and gained new heights on the swing.  Clair and Suraj needed a bit of assistance navigating through the borough of Queens but they made it safe and sound after quite a few snafus.  Elijah just told me a story about school where he was in P.E. and they did a "magic trick" where they spun Hula Hoops out in front of them and the hoops returned to them like a boomerang.  I had forgotten about little things like that. Life was so simple when I was his age (6 going on 7, and the "going on" part is important!).  It will be a trip down memory lane listening to all of his stories.   When did life stop being simple for you?

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