Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stacie and I scouted out the "big" nearby neighborhood garage sale this morning.  This old guy sitting in his garage couldn't figure out why no one was stopping.  Last year there were dozens of households participating but this year it was sparse.  We can only guess that weather had a lot to do with it.  This morning was cold and the humidity was very high.  After visiting the few yard sales, we picked up Vicky, Norris, and Elijah enroute to the America the Beautiful Park.  Elijah enjoyed the unique playground with around 200 people.  At 11:00 we wandered over to the center of the park and was a part of the "World Wide Flash Mob VII".  It was an event where, at a pre-arranged time/place, people appeared out of nowhere and commemorated the 10th anniversary of Geocaching.  The coordinators provided party hats, cupcakes, prizes (there was a drawing and we won a small toy for Elijah), and balloons.  Afterward we drove across town (I had to go to work for about 10 minutes) and took in a couple more garage sales.  We got caught by a hail storm while Norris and I were tying down the trunk of the car and I guess the car's defroster was confused since it wouldn't clear the windshield with warm or cold air but we didn't have to go far. Have you ever attended a Flash Mob event? 

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