Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elijah and I went Geocaching after work this evening.  We went to a cache that no one has found yet, including us.  The whole wooded area was riddled with "decoy" caches.  Those are fake caches that do the old "made ya look" and bring a brief smile upon your face.  These were filled with rocks and had a note that stated we had not found the real cache.  We looked for a while and found a few other imposters then headed to another cache and couldn't find that one either!  We found a bunch of fun though.  Over the past weekend Elijah and I hid a cache (Elijah's Uncle Fungus) along a trail and someone has already found it.  Hiding Geocaches is a great way to get people you don't know out walking and enjoying the fresh air while giving them a purpose along their hike.  This amazingly fun hobby directs you to attractions around town that you might ordinarily never know about.  Have you been to yet?


  1. Bringing caching back to the front. Is he enjoying it?

  2. Sounds like you and Elijah are having a fun time together.
    I never have checked out the web site, but I just might