Friday, May 21, 2010

Vickie and Norris left this morning for home.  Stacie and Elijah went to a couple of garage sales, a park, and visited one of our libraries.  They picked up some nice books.  Elijah reports that he checked out books on trucks, trains, and a man with a taxi.  Later Elijah was an angel as he waited in the hair salon with Stacie.  I picked him up and we went to a different park and walked down a trail to a Geocache.  The cache was called "Soldiers Box" and it was dedicated to the owner's Dad who is in Afghanistan.  The description of the hide asks for the finders to pray for a safe return of their father so tonight at dinner we did just that.  The three of us went for our evening walk and Elijah showed us how fast he could run.  Right now we are winding down from a long week and Elijah is really busy with the army men he bought at one of the yard sales.  Who is your hero?

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  1. I have two heros,your Dad,Floyd Weber and my you, my precious son