Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elijah lost a tooth yesterday.  Well, he didn't lose it, Suraj pulled it and they know where it is.  Today MeeMaw and PawPaw Snorris took him to the store and he came back with a donut (Oooh, donuts!).  I was afraid that he would turn into Sheriff Ping Ping Ping, Ricochet Rabbit (Google it) but his extra energy was spent climbing all over the playground at the mall.  We inflated a mattress and set him up in Stacie's office so that he would be close and wouldn't feel isolated down in the Western Room.  Now he's watching a DVD on the National Parks of the United States.  He loved the pink flamingo and gets excited when he points out the bears, goats and trains.  He's very glad that school's out for summer and we have many adventures ahead of us.  How do you expend your energies?  

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