Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hadn't talked about Geocaching in a long time (the 20th of February).  I haven't been caching in a long time either.  I received an automated email from Geocaching.com notifying me that someone had looked for one my cache hides and didn't find it.  The log on the website said that it might have been picked up as trash.  I walked to it yesterday and sure enough, it was gone.  I had to pull out the drill and epoxy and fashion a duplicate.  Luckily I had extra containers and was able to put it back in play this evening.  Today's picture is the view from the cache site and the walk is just a bit farther than my normal evening stroll.  With summer approaching I will have to check the cache location more often since it is at the edge of the golf course and at a very busy intersection.  I'm sorry that the cache disappeared but I'm glad that people were cleaning up.  Have you been Geocaching yet?

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