Sunday, May 16, 2010

The five of us continued our adventures to Helen Hunt Falls today.  These falls were named after the American writer Helen Hunt Jackson who is most known for her novel "Ramona".  The falls are located in North Cheyenne Cañon Park and the bottom part of the falls can be viewed from the parking lot.  We all hiked (yes, even Vickie) the .5 mile trek to the top of the falls and enjoyed the spectacular views.  Elijah and I even took an excursion to find a Geocache.  After climbing the hundreds of steps back down we ate lunch at The Broadmoor resort's Golden Bee restaurant (established in 1961).  The whipped cheese, that they placed on the table to spread on crackers tasted so good that I almost made it my lunch.  In the middle of the meal our waitress walked up to the table and threw a small embroidered bee sticker on Elijah.  Then, one by one, she did the same to the rest of us.  Elijah and I engaged in a game of yard "darts" while Stacie and Vickie sat on the deck and enjoyed the afternoon sun.  Later Vickie made some extremely good banana splits and now Elijah is playing with the toy we won at the event yesterday.  What heights will you climb this week?

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