Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last night was like a whirling tempest.  The wind was extremely strong.  There were huge sections of fences knocked down a block away and our neighbor's home (pictured) missed having a large tree branch launched through their window by 8 inches.  Our hummingbird feeder was blown out of the tree and the howling of the gale force disturbed our sleep most of the night.  The wind has subsided a great deal and is now 30 mph!  Street signs were uprooted and we had to take extra care to ensure that the car door didn't slam on us throughout the day.  We went back to America the Beautiful Park and while we were spinning Elijah on the high-tech playground equipment I was wondering how long a kite would last.  It seems that the second you would let go and try to create flight, the fabric of the kite would tear apart instantly leaving you holding a pile of sticks on the other end of the string.  Did you know the Beaufort Wind Force Scale is a standard for measuring wind speed and was invented in 1806?

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