Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day commemorates the lives of Americans that have been lost defending our freedoms.  It was originally observed to commemorate the memory of Union soldiers after the Civil War.  After World War I it was expanded to all wars.  There are 300,000 flags today in Arlington National Cemetery in honor of men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for you to be able to worship any way you please.  The same men and women gave you the ability to communicate and express yourself without interference from the government, they give you the freedom to speak without censorship or limitation, and they have died for you to be able to meet together with people of like thinking in a peaceful gathering to promote and express your common interests.  Our whole way of life exists because these people were patriotic and they felt so strong about their convictions, loyalties, and their moral duties to fellow members of the national community.  How have you honored those who have given you your freedom?

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