Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tonight after our 2 mile run we stopped and visited with a couple of our neighbors.  We introduced Clair to Marv (see my blog from February 4th) and we were having a very intense conversation when an approaching car blasted its horn.  It was Tom and Jean, the owner of the driveway where we were informally exchanging our thoughts and ideas.  Tom is such a kidder.  We expanded our circle by two and enjoyed the chit chat.  Stacie and Jean discussed an issue that we've talked about for awhile.  A block party.  We really like all the neighbors we have met so far and we want to get to know all of them a lot better.  The summer evenings will no doubt bring us together more often since the weather has been perfect.  Do you know the names of all your neighbors?

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  1. I really like your new dining room set. Elijah did a wonderful job tieing the cushions to the chairs.